Basic Folk 197 – Ruthie Foster

January 26, 2023

Originally from a small town: Gause, Texas, Ruthie Foster came from a family of gospel singers. Singing gospel music acted as a prime method of communication in her life strongly enough that it ended up being her career. Along the way, Ruthie studied audio engineering in college, which ended up giving her invaluable knowledge to support her artistic expression, especially as a woman in a male dominated field. She quit music for about a year and joined the Navy, wanting to do something…

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Basic Folk 179 – Lauren Balthrop

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Editor’s note: Lizzie No interviews Molly Tuttle on Basic Folk! Be sure to go back and listen to Lizzie’s previous guest host spots on…

Basic Folk 177 – Peter Mulvey

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Milwaukee-born Peter Mulvey has, along with classical duo SistaStrings, made an anti-fascist record. According to Peter, “to make an anti…


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