Basic Folk 201 – Anna Tivel & Jeffrey Martin

Fun times with our favorite non-duo duo Anna Tivel and Jeffrey Martin. The pair met in the early 2010’s in Portland, bonded over songwriting and have been together ever since. They got together at a time when they were both learning how to tour and they were able to figure it all out as a pair. And yes, they have toured and do tour together and have sang on each other’s records, but there has never been an interest in an official collaboration. In this special interview, they discuss their thoughts and feelings on their partner’s musical style: from how each learned music, to the way they each write songs. They discuss the space they give each other to be alone in creativity and how that space is key to their success as partners.

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Anna released her latest album, the acclaimed Outsiders in 2022 and Jeffrey is currently working on a new record. In fact, Jeffrey is recording his upcoming release in a small shack he built on their property in Portland. He completed the structure just in time for the pandemic to start, which was perfect timing since it meant he had his own space to work outside of his house and they both had a place to perform their weekly live streams. Jeffrey is also quite handy and has agreed to build a house for me and don’t think I won’t hold him to it. We have it on tape, Jeffrey. Please enjoy this fun interview with two of my favorite people and musicians.

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  1. Angus Edward on March 2, 2023 at 5:34 pm

    Jeffrey & Anna got so, so many people — literally from around the planet — through the pandemic. Their weekly broadcasts from “the shack” were an oasis in an incredibly unnerving era. They should receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their selfless service to humanity.