Claps, Covers, and C’MONs: Inside Barnstar!’s Musical Mischief

May 23, 2024

Barnstar!, Boston’s premiere kinda bluegrass and definitely bombastic band, has released their new album Furious Kindness and we’re #blessed to welcome Mark Erelli and Zachariah Hickman to the pod. Originally a fun side hustle and bluegrass vehicle for Zack, the group, which also includes Charlie Rose and Taylor and Jake Armerding, started very casually performing at the legendary local Cantab Lounge. Zack accurately likens the vibe of the place to a basement Star Wars Cantina full of bluegrass bands. In…

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Fran & Flora Are Reimagining Traditional Yiddish Folk Music

May 16, 2024

Two long-time collaborators, cellist Francesa Ter-Berg and violinist Flora Curazon, Fran & Flora, have bonded over their obsession with ancient…

Relevant, Radical & ROTFL: Billy Bragg, Folk Music’s Political Poet

May 9, 2024

Billy Bragg joins lizzie and Cindy on-board Cayamo to talk about songwriting, social justice, punk rock and, of course, The…

Leyla McCalla’s Joyful Rebellion: Sun Without Heat and the Freedom of Play

May 2, 2024

Singer-songwriter Leyla McCalla and her band (bassist Pete Olynciw, drummer Shawn Meyers and guitarist Nahum Zdybel) join us onboard the…

Humbird: From Dinner Table Singing to Dismantling White Supremacy

April 25, 2024

Siri Undlin, better known as Humbird, is a talented singer-songwriter from the Twin Cities with deep roots in Minnesota music…


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