Basic Folk 204 – Adeem the Artist

Adeem the Artist has gained a slew of new fans in the past year with their new album, ‘White Trash Revelry,’ but they are anything but an overnight success. Their journey to singer-songwriter acclaim began in middle school, when they moved from the Carolinas to New York State. Finding themself a southerner in the north, they found out that being from the American south meant something to people. It came with a certain set of assumptions and expectations that they have reckoned with over the course of their eight albums.

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2022’s ‘White Trash Revelry’ is packed with poignant, witty, economical lyrics and characters so real you could reach out and shake their hands. Throughout the album you’ll notice a complicated relationship with religion, which of course we had to dig into on the podcast. In a past life Adeem was called strongly to the church, and served as a worship leader. You might be surprised at how highly transferable their pastoral skill set has been in their work as a singer-songwriter.

This episode contains many, many, many laughs, some guitar talk, some crowdfunding talk, some deep family and spiritual talk, and a million great insights from one of alt-country music’s rising stars.

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  1. Robert Bock on March 16, 2023 at 10:38 am

    I love the work y’all are doing and really enjoy the podcast. Super well done!