Basic Folk 228 – Nina de Vitry

Lancaster-born, Nashville-based Nina de Vitry‘s debut album, What You Feel is Real, shines while showcasing her passion for jazz and folk music. de Vitry’s name may sound familiar, as she comes from a musical family and is the youngest sister of folk superstar Maya de Vitry (formerly of The Stray Birds). She grew up fiddling around the campfire, while being classically trained on the violin and (her true love) the piano. She started writing songs very young, became enchanted with foreign languages and found herself studying at Temple University. Part-way through her freshman year, something felt wrong and she decided to take a gap year in order to operate outside of a system and find out what she wanted to do. After attending the beloved Miles of Music camp in New Hampshire, Nina was inspired to fully lean into her musicality. She recorded an EP in 2017 and started dabbling in music as a profession.

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During the pandemic, she was in the creating process of What You Feel is Real. At the time, Nina experienced a return to self in several ways including reconnecting with the piano. A theme of the record is the making the choice believing yourself: You say “What we feel is real. What we love is real. And I think the more we all trust these inner voices, the closer we will get to both knowing ourselves and knowing a more loving and peaceful society.” Her new record is a fabulously strong debut that feels like a classic songwriter album playing with different styles of jazz. It is a pure delight to talk to Nina!

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