Basic Folk 59 – Kora Feder

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Kora Feder came from a musical family. Her mother is the well regarded singer/songwriter, Rita Hosking. Growing up, she was surrounded by music, so it’s not a surprise that she naturally gravitated toward performing and singing with her musical mom and dad. Her vacations were spent going on tour around the west coast and in the UK. When she headed off for college, she knew she wanted to travel while staying in school. She spent her college years living immersed in places like Thailand and China studying and observing cultures that are far different from her native Davis, CA.

Kora is an incredibly gifted songwriter in that she is able to write about challenging subjects like poverty and gun control, with unshakeable grace. We talked about the challenges faced with wanted to address global, political issues, while being fully aware that, at 25 years old, she doesn’t have answers and is still learning so much about the world and herself. Her debut full length album In Sevens, was released last year. The songs are striking, as is her very interesting phrasing. It’s like she’s able to jam all these thoughts, feelings and words in beautifully without sounding pretentious. Enjoy Kora! She is an exciting up and coming talent.

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