Basic Folk 60 – Taylor Ashton

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Taylor Ashton! Clawhammer banjo! Illustrations! Canada! He started his career in the alt-folk band Fish & Bird and has collaborated with musical friends like Courtney Hartmann (formerly of Della Mae). Taylor’s debut solo album, The Romantic, is out now and filled with sweet banjo grooves and emotional feelings. We talk about his growing up in Canada: flying solo on an airplane at a very young age. He would draw on the barf bags to impress the flight attendants, which led him to a life-long love of illustrating. We talk about moving to New York and first connecting with the massive city and then finding his people there. He connected with Courtney at a Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge show, so we get the story there.

Taylor is a warm and funny person to talk to and I really enjoyed getting to spend time with him. I love his new record beyond words and really recommend you catching a live show of his sometime soon! He’ll be touring with Aoife O’Donovan soon, including March 12 at Sanders Theater in Cambridge. Hope you love this one!

Taylor Ashton – “Nicole”

Taylor’s new album:

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