Jontavious Willis Says Blues Music is for The Kids

April 11, 2024

Originally from Greenville Georgia, musician Jontavious Willis is a Blues music phenom. When we talk about the Blues, the phrase or the word “torchbearer” comes up a lot when it comes to young, new Blues artists. I think of that word as a double edged sword. When you think of a torchbearer, you think about someone who’s carrying on a flame that was lit long ago. It’s somebody who’s carrying on a tradition, but it also can come with restrictions.…

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Aoife O’Donovan and Dawn Landes Surf All the Feminist Waves

April 4, 2024

Coincidentally, long-time friends Aoife O’Donovan and Dawn Landes both have new albums with strong feminist themes, so I (Cindy) wanted…

Appalachian Bluegrasser Missy Raines Explains The West Virginia Thing

March 28, 2024

Acclaimed bluegrass musician Missy Raines is also a very cool and funny lady originally from West Virginia, not far from…

Bob Hillman’s Rock and Roll Return: From Beach Volleyball to Marketing to Musician

March 21, 2024

Bob Hillman had a real thing going on in the early 2000’s. He had made waves in New York City…

Joe Pug Will Not Ossify

March 14, 2024

Joe Pug will not engage in the Left-Brained Vs Right-Brained debate. His artistry and pragmatic business sense have lived in…


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