Basic Folk 01 – Ana Egge

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In the inaugural episode of Basic Folk (!), I talk with Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Ana Egge. Dubbed the “Nina Simone of Folk Music,”  Ana and I sit down to discuss her early influences growing up on a commune in rural New Mexico, crafting her own guitar at the age of 15 and writing herself into understanding.

Rose Polenzani & Ana Egge at Toad in Cambridge, MA circa 2005

I met Ana in Boston around 2005 through the Boston folk music scene. I have always been in awe of her musical talent and her not-as-much-talked about fashion sense, as seen in the picture above. I can never thank her enough for introducing me to wearing a white belt.

Links to somethings we discussed in the podcast:

  • Bright Shadow, the incredible documentary about Ana
  • “Dance around the Room with Me” music video

– White Tiger, Ana’s latest album

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