Basic Folk 02 – Suitcase Junket

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In this week’s episode, I sit down (and basically LOL the entire time) with one-man-band Matt Lorenz of The Suitcase Junket.

Originally from a small town in rural Vermont, Lorenz’s first instrument was a free, second-hand piano the family had gotten from a posting on a bulletin board. As his musical career continued so did his love of recycled instruments. Now he creates most of his instruments by hand using objects he finds in the trash. Yes, I said trash. Rough and honest, The Suitcase Junket’s sounds and sights are truly like no other. Growing up a shy adolescent, Lorenz talks about his songwriting being born out of a need to share all of his quiet observations. You can hear these keen observations and his considerable songwriting chops in The Suitcase Junket’s fourth and latest album, Pile Driver, (2017, Signature Sounds Recordings) a collection of original rock anthems.

In addition to mystifying audiences as The Suitcase Junket he also tours with his older sister in the trio Rusty Belle. Now in Amherst, Massachusetts Lorenz’s passion and concern for the environment propels him to continue to sift through garbage in search of new beginnings, sounds, and stories to tell. I hope you enjoy my conversation with The Suitcase Junket. Don’t forget to subscribe for all the conversations to come.

Watch the amazingness of The Suitcase Junket live on Folk Alley:

Listen to The Suitcase Junket’s latest album, Pile Driver

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