Basic Folk 139 – Dar Williams

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Editor’s note: Lizzie No interviews Dar Williams on Basic Folk! Be sure to got back and listen to Lizzie’s previous guest host spots on the pod and subscribe, so you never miss Lizzie! Dar’s new album, ‘I’ll Meet You Here,’ is out now. 

Dar Williams, originally from Mount Kisco, NY, grew up in an era and a household where everyone was tearing down the old ways of doing things, and learning new ways of expressing themselves. For Williams this meant participating in theater and learning to play instruments. She attended Wesleyan University where she studied theater and religion. A deep engagement with matters of the heart and spirit continues to permeate her work today.

After college Dar found herself in Boston, immersed in the singer-songwriter scene. She wrote and released her album ‘The Honesty Room,’ which changed everything. That album started her on a path to becoming a venerated performer in the folk space. She was on the original Lilith Fair lineup, which included too many musical legends to name here. It was a dream come true to talk with Dar about that experience, about what it might take for another Lilith Fair to happen, and about the current climate for women in the music industry.

Dar’s new album, ‘I’ll Meet You Here,’ will be released on October 1st. This beautiful collection of songs was mostly recorded pre-Covid, but then hit a number of road bumps on its way to release. It deals with time, acceptance, places, and small towns, topics about which Dar Williams is a master storyteller.

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