Basic Folk 154 – Joy Oladokun

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Editor’s note: Lizzie No interviews Joy Oladokun on Basic Folk! Be sure to go back and listen to Lizzie’s previous guest host spots on the pod and subscribe, so you never miss Lizzie!

The Arizona-born Joy Oladokun grew up listening to her dad’s extensive record collection and falling in love with the wide and wondrous world of rock and roll. You can hear these diverse sonic influences, from genesis to tracy chapman, in joy’s rootsy, contemporary pop-savvy 2021 album “in defense of my own happiness.” Of particular note are her superpowers for Melody and smart repetition, which have made her a force to be reckoned with ever since she made the leap from LA to Nashville to make a life as a musician.

Joy is not only a phenomenal songwriter, but she’s also fearless and hilarious on social media. Believe it or not it was twitter that brought us together and catalyzed this interview. It was fascinating to hear her talk about how she uses her platform as a rising star in indie pop and folk to create the kind of world she wants to see. The way I see it, she uses emotional transparency as a tool for political change. She is healing in public and gently nudging others to heal as well. Her new single “keeping the light on” is the perfect distillation of her radical softness.

Check out Joy’s latest album on Tidal

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