Basic Folk 177 – Peter Mulvey

Milwaukee-born Peter Mulvey has, along with classical duo SistaStrings, made an anti-fascist record. According to Peter, “to make an anti – fascist record, you must keep kindness and compassion in the foreground.” Love is the Only Thing goes from family, to politics, to family, racism and then back to family. It’s as optimistic and introspective as it is filled with “running out a burning building” type of songs. All the while, Peter is joined by powerful, thoughtful and extremely talented musicians in Monique and Chauntee Ross.


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Lots has happened in Peter’s life since his last album. He moved to New England, fell in love and got married, A PANDEMIC, and he’s become a father. All these eek their way into songs on the new album. A particularly poignant song is the co-write with his partner about their possible future as parents (good luck not crying to all the parents out there!). Don’t worry if you didn’t catch all the buddhist references, we talk about each one in finite detail. Enjoy!

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