Basic Folk 18 – Edie Carey

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Ready to ugly cry? No? Ok, I will give you a moment to prepare… Because tuning into the most vulnerable, intimate and secret human feelings is what songwriter Edie Carey is all about. Born and raised in Suburban Boston, Edie was raised by a poet, a therapist and and English teacher. Her wistful writing definitely takes influence from all three.

Edie has been very open about her recent struggles with infertility, addressing it most clearly through her music on the song “These Things.” She explains all the lovely things about being a parent, holding a baby and then expresses that she never thought she would have “these things.” In our conversation, she chronicles in detail the process of becoming the mother of two children. Her journey is brave and filled with strength and, of course, huge pitfalls and triumphs. All the while, Edie’s hopeful and positive and wicked freaking funny.

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Edie Carey performs “These Things” live:

Edie’s latest release “Paper Rings: 8 Love Stories”

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