Basic Folk 207 – Kimaya Diggs

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, librettist, teacher, and dog lady Kimaya Diggs grew up surrounded by music. In her family music was a tool for connection. Kimaya’s 2018 debut album, ‘Breastfed,’ puts together the story of her upbringing through dreamy soul-folk jams. Even though she had been a musician all her life, she experienced a steep learning curve when it came to recording in the studio. She quickly figured out how the complex processes of mixing and mastering can impact how an audience receives your music, AND how frustrating it can be to play guitar to a click track.

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These lessons learned left Kimaya excited to get to work on her second album. In the meantime she had adopted a traumatized racing greyhound, and tragically lost her mom to breast cancer. There was so much love and loss to process, and Kimaya was figuring out how to share these precious pieces of her life while still honoring her mom’s privacy and her own healing journey. You might think that as a result, the album would comprise 45 minutes of whispered meditations on the great beyond. But ‘Quincy’ is an album bursting with joy and exuberant grooves.

Kimaya’s husband, Jacob, plays in her band and contributed music for this new album. One of the most interesting parts of our conversation was when Kimaya shared how she manages to keep both her marriage and her creative partnership healthy at the same time. Here’s a hint: the secret has to do with co-writing.

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