Billy Keane: Curiosity, Luck, & Drive

Curiosity, luck and drive are three words that revolve around singer-songwriter Billy Keane. He was born with all three traits and they are the hallmark of his music, especially his new album Oh, These Days. The seven song cycle was written during the pandemic and right after some very big life changes: he got divorced, quit alcohol and split with his band The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow. He approached his healing process with an extreme curiosity and a need for simple living. For the last several years, he’s been cultivating a simple space to ignite creativity in the Western Massachusetts town of Lenox, MA, where he owns land and a small cottage.

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In our conversation, Billy talks about his roots in spirituality and his early devotion to music. Keane was born in Australia while his father was working as a minister there. They moved their family to Connecticut when he was two years old. He left his hometown at 18 for college, but left for Seattle to work in commercial deep-sea diving. From there, he made his way to Western Mass where he found himself working at James Taylor’s studio. James and his wife Kim quickly realized that Billy was a talented musician and turned into key figures and big time supporters. Oh, These Days, Billy’s second album, is truly a meditation on the human experience met with an insatiable love for life and rebirth.

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