Basic Folk: Cindy & Lizzie’s Best of 2023

Hi let’s get to these best of lists! The rule for making these lists is that there are no rules. We make ’em as long as we want with as many different types of sounds that we want. Enjoy!

BEST OF 2023: Cindy Howes, host of Basic Folk

2023 is the year that I officially felt myself becoming a little more country and less rock and roll. Thanks to my work at WUNC Music, I was able to get into cool tracks from Obongjayar, Bully, Liza Anne and Bailen. However, most of my favorites definitely sound like they have a sprig of wheat sticking out of their mouths. I just moved to Maine and I am intending to live off the land, do some canning for the summer season and shooting my first deer. Send any farmer or hunter songs my way. Other goals for 2024: more meditation, playing my clarinet and buying an affordable house in Portland, ME. If I missed anything on my list, let me know.
What my playlist on Tidal? HERE.

Album of the year: Margo Cilker, Valley of Heart’s Delight
Favorite lizzie no song: “THE HEARTBREAK STORE”

BEST OF 2023: Lizzie No, co-host of Basic Folk

well, we did it. we made it through another year on the calendar, and another heap of hurdles we didn’t see coming. or maybe that was just my 2023. i am writing to you from nashville, where i live now! i am writing to you with hope for the year ahead. take that, gods of despair!

as always, i enjoyed putting together a list of my favorite songs from the past year. there’s a lot of folksy-rootsy stuff in there (highlights include songs by dori freeman, jaime wyatt, sunny war, and margo cilker), but also some interesting genre-fusing work from mckinley dixon, lafuey, lila blue, tre burt and others. one subgenre of song that shows up several times on this playlist is “indie rock banger that encourages you to hang in there, at least for one more day,” and i would like to thank brian dunne, bully, speedy ortiz, lydia loveless, ben delacour, and corinne bailey rae for their contributions to that category.

while i’m thanking people, i would like to thank YOU, dear reader, for listening to basic folk this year. without you, cindy and i would just be two mouthy broads shouting our music opinions into the void. you’ve stuck with us and that means everything. wishing you peace and great music in 2024.

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