Radio Waves to Musical Bliss: Talia Schlanger’s Harmonious Journey

Canada’s Talia Schlanger is best known for her work in broadcasting; guest-hosting Q with Tom Power on CBC and Alec Baldwin’s “Here’s the Thing” podcast, as well as taking over for David Dye on NPR Music’s World Cafe in Philadelphia. Before all that, Talia was an actor and singer in many theater productions including Mamma Mia, Queen’s We Will Rock You and Green Day’s American Idiot. While she has found much success in her two previous careers, something has been pulling on Talia for years. She wanted to write, record and perform her own music. She had something to say and made the brave leap into the unknown and left her coveted role at WXPN’s World Cafe in order to say it. The culmination of events has led Talia to her debut album, Grace for Going.


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In our conversation, Talia shares insights into her upbringing in Thornhill, Ontario, within a Jewish family deeply rooted in faith and family heritage. She reflects on the impact of her grandparents, Holocaust survivors, and how their stories shaped her childhood. Talia talks about her unique journey from performing in 8 shows a week in theater productions to becoming a distinguished radio host. Her evolution as a singer, her bravery and some important boundaries have allowed her to find her authentic voice while maintaining a crucial work-life balance. Throughout the interview, she touches on themes of personal growth, acts of kindness, and her commitment to learning and curiosity, offering a fascinating glimpse into the life and career of this remarkable person.

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  1. Ramcey on February 8, 2024 at 4:46 pm

    Geesh?! I already loved Talia long before this interview, but this enhanced it even more. I’ve missed hearing her voice on World Cafe. I recently checked out her new album and really enjoyed it. Her honesty and being SO real is refreshing as Hell. And as always Cindy, your superb questions really brings out the best from those that you interview. Thank you both.