Basic Folk 03 – Anna Tivel

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Anna Tivel is my guest this week. Tivel is known for her character songs that portray the beauty and pain in everyday individuals.

photo by Matt Dayak

Born in a small farming town in Skagit Valley, Washington, Anna came to songwriting as a recent college grad waiting tables in downtown Portland. Her first song, she reports, was about “whales having fun.” Since then she has quickly risen through the ranks of those who can turn a phrase being recognized as one of NPR’s “Songs We Love.” Fiercely talented and fiercely vulnerable my conversation with her follows suit. She lets me in on what it is like to be an introvert in such an extroverted career, where she meets the characters in her songs, and playing Suzuki method violin in a small town that was all,” farming, fishing, and tulips.” Tivel is now fixing to release her fourth album, The Question, coming April 2019. If you are on the west coast, you can catch Anna on tour right now through the end of the month. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Anna’s new song “Fenceline” performed live on Audiotree:

Stream Anna’s latest album, Small Believer

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