Basic Folk 152 – Anaïs Mitchell Track x Track

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Anaïs Mitchell goes track by track through her new self titled release (out now!) and holy smokes what a volcano of an album! It’s been a decade since she last released an album’s worth of new material and since then, Mitchell’s been keeping very busy with the game-changing Tony Awards winning Broadway sensation, Hadestown. She started working on the folk opera in the early 00’s, she’s also recently been performing with Bonny Light Horseman (with Eric D. Johnson and Josh Kaufman) and is the mom of two young kids, so very busy!! It took a global pandemic to stop everything and allow her to concentrate on her own inner world. All of the songs on Anaïs Mitchell are truly biographical, which is not the norm for the Vermont songwriter. She was actually 9 months pregnant when the pandemic hit, and thanks to a tip from a Seattle friend, she packed up her family and left the city for her home state. She ended up spending lockdown in her grandparents house on her family’s Vermont compound. There, she unearthed some embarrassing teenage journals (which she promptly burned) and had the opportunity to reconnect with her younger self. Those perspectives and more were sown into this incredible new album. Let’s get into it!!

It was truly a gift to be able to dive deep with Anaïs and producer Josh Kaufman (who briefly joined us for this episode!). Hope you get into this album as deeply as I did. I look forward to many more inspired works of art from Anaïs! She is a treasure and I’m so glad she’s in our world. After you get into this episode, you can go way back to Basic Folk Episode 8 and listen to Anaïs’ first appearance on the pod. One of my favorite interviews ever!

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  1. Ramcey in Columbus, GA. on March 8, 2022 at 10:50 pm

    Great interview. Great album. I love getting the in-depth look into each song, especially with Anaïs’ openness about the song meanings compared to what most songwriters will offer in conversation. Thank you!