Basic Folk 27 – Izzy Heltai

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Izzy Heltai is brave, curious and charismatic about the world. He realizes how fortunate he is in life to come from and thrive in a supportive community which began for him in Brookline, Mass with immigrant, mathematician parents.

“They didn’t come from much, but they worked really hard so their kids could do whatever they wanted to do.”

Izzy is a trans-man who has not yet talked about his gender at length in an interview the way he does on this episode of Basic Folk. He’s careful with how he represents himself,  but it’s a lovely and informative conversation about finding how to be comfortable in life. He is someone who has a sharp sense of how to achieve that comfort and I’m just as excited as he is about his bright music career.

His voice is described a gritty, but honeyed with comparisons to Tallest Man on Earth. Izzy is first and foremost a songwriter and has an incredible eye of the beauty of life. I hope you enjoy this wonderful person, his music and our conversation.

Izzy’s submission for Tiny Desk, “Marching Song”

Izzy’s new EP

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