Basic Folk 28 – David Dye

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David Dye
is a public radio music host pioneer. What Dye, WXPN and NPR did with starting the World Cafe changed the landscape of music on the radio for the extreme better. While commercial stations across the country became more generic and homogenized, David was bringing an authentic and human voice to the airwaves. David is a music fan first and was allowed to express that knowledge and love for sharing songs on the radio to a national audience for over 25 years. As a radio, folk and music fan, this is one of my favorite conversations to listen to in my entire career. David is funny and thoughtful and quick with his answers! We go through all my questions!

Thanks to WXPN for letting us conduct the interview in their studio (“Studio Michaela”). Thanks Mike Vasilikos for snapping this pic of two radio buds.


We talk about the following:

• What it feels like to discover that radio and bringing our passion for music to others
• Radio nightmares (every DJ has them)
• The rigid rules of folk radio
• How Bruce Springsteen gave him a shout out when David moved back to Philly in 1979
• His wife’s influence on his work
• The formation of The World Cafe, Funky Friday and Dave’s World
• How we both love STEVE WINWOOD.
• One of his favorite people to interview is Sarah McLachlan

Watch this lovely video WXPN produced about David hosting the World Cafe:

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