Basic Folk 29 – Zack Hickman

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Zack Hickman
is bound to go down in folk history for his incredible handlebar moustache, but fellow bandmates in his numerous groups know him for his extreme talent and keen ability to bring together musical projects like no one else. Born in Lynchburg, VA to physician parents, he grew up on a micro farm where his family grew produce, flowers and (of course) tended to bees. He eventually found his way to Oberlin College where he met and started performing with Josh Ritter, whom he still performs with today.

Zack’s physical appearance is quite memorable and it’s interesting to think that his image was born out of a circus he started while in college. His stage presence ranges and matches whomever he is playing with. With his bluegrass group, Barnstar!, he is boisterous, loud and big. As opposed to when he plays Rose Cousins, where he extremely tones it down and lets the songwriter he’s accompanying shine.

This is a fun interview! My favorite part is Zack giving a rundown of what it’s like to play music on television. He is the person I know in actual life who has been on TV the most. It’s a wild world.

Zack with Josh Ritter:

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