Basic Folk 30 – Corey Laitman

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Wow Corey Laitman. Corey is a really interesting musician and person. Their music is vulnerable in a way that you rarely find (Deb Talan, Edie Carey, Patty Griffin) with a voice that basically encompasses all human emotions in 0.5 seconds. It’s amazing. Corey’s spirit is inspired by their vast imagination and connection to nature. We talk in the podcast about how humans are intrinsically connected to nature, but for most of us that connection is not fully realized.

Corey is gender neutral and uses them/they/their pronouns. They tell the story of how they came to this realization and also about the liberation they felt across the board. I’m humbled that they go into great detail about their struggle with an eating disorder. To hear about their experience and how it also ties into a new freedom when it comes to clothing choices made me rethink gender norms when it comes to the way we dress. As I was listening back to the interview, walking in Boston Common hearing Corey talk about how female clothing was made to emphasize a thin female body and male clothing is just…. well, clothing… Anyways, I was observing this in real time. This interview is special and I feel like I’m looking at the world a little differently because of it. Which, isn’t that the point?

“Marching Band”

Corey’s debut album

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